Claim 100 Antarctic Tokens Free Before Airdrop Deadline

Antarctic Lands Organization promoted the Global ALO project in 2022. It was focused on the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to develop and support the green movement and environmental protection. The Antarctica Lands Organization represents and assists the territories of Antarctic land, King, Canisteo, Thurston, New Malta, and West Antarctic. ALO states are militarily and politically neutral. ALO is liable for Antarctic environment protection. 

ALO created the Antarctic Foundation to promote Antarctic environment protection, research, and develop sustainable ecotourism. Encourage eco-friendly engineering techniques and help prestart ups to launch. There is a need to introduce an ecological perspective in each business model around the world. So, there is an urgency to discover a viable yet sustainable solution. It can be offered via participation, partnerships, and funding. 

The Antarctic Token or AAL token is a part of the ALO Global project designed to use for global exchange. The AAL is a BEP20-type token that uses BSC or Binance Smart Chain. 

Currently, 100 AAL tokens are offered for free in the first phase called Airdrop. During the airdrop, 2,500,000 tokens will be given away and each participant will get 100 tokens for free. Remember, the total supply is 250,000,000 and the price is 0.1USDTat the launch date. 

In the presale phase, the purchase rights are reserved for private and institutional investors. 1AAL will be sold at $0.05 and the investor will need to invest at least $5,000. 

There are two sales round phases reserved for the public. In the first sale round the public will benefit from a 30% discount- 1 AAL at $0.07. In the second sale round the public will receive a 15% discount – 1 AAL at $0.085. There is a limited quota and so it is wise to hurry up and claim the free Antarctic Token. Just imagine, if Bitcoin had given $10 worth of BTC free then today its price would be around $20 million, despite the crash. 

So, claiming an AAL token today increases the potential for savings down the road. Besides, claiming AAL tokens allows participants to contribute towards saving Antarctica from environmental disasters. Participants will even contribute to AOL’s profitable and eco-sustainable projects. 

To use the Antarctic token, people need to download and set up MetaMask Wallet. It is a popular browser extension compatible with ERC-20 tokens. 

Even the founder’s and teams’ AAL tokens will be in lock-in for 18 months, while for the attorneys and advisors it will be 6 months. The tokens will be initially issued as SC6 [Shield 6] and SC18 [Shield 18]. According to the contract and expiration date of the block, the SC tokens will be exchanged to AAL at a fixed rate of 1:1. The concept behind this is to ensure participants that the promoters are completely committed to their project’s success. It even helps to avoid contributors dumping the token, which has the potential to crush the value.

The ALO Global Project aims to use the Antarctic token to raise funds needed for the designing, practicality, development, promotion, and commercialization of initiatives, projects, and services.